• Hire a buyers agent who is experienced in multiple offers [Free]
  • Close according to seller's schedule [Free]
  • Offer rent back or post-closing occupancy if needed
  • Increase sale price (consider what the property is worth to you, instead of the list price) Your agent can do a market analysis for you
  • Increase earnest money
  • Pay Cash
  • Use a local lender with a strong reputation & have your pre-qualification letter ready [Free]
  • Shorten Inspection Period [Free]
  • Order appraisal within 24 hours of going under contract [Free]
  • Add escalation clause (you will pay $X more than any other offer, up to $XX)
  • Make earnest money non-refundable after a certain date
  • Pay for closing costs, HOA transfer, title costs, or seller's escrow fees
  • Pay for seller's movers up to a certain amount
  • Love letter - or better yet, a video of you outside the home [Free]

With the market we are in today, these strategies are CRUCIAL to getting your offer in front of the sellers. If you know that who you work with matters, doesn't it make sense to choose an agent that has these strategies in place for you?

Get matched with the right agent for you!

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