When Selling a home what are the worst mistakes sellers make?

What are some of the worst things you could do when selling your home? I actually have a couple, I think probably the biggest one is if you're trying to sell an investment property that has tenants in there it is so hard to sell and get top dollar with a tenant-occupied home the market's hot enough that once the tenants move out we can get the home sold fast.

You're much better off getting the tenants out and selling it you're gonna lose a lot of money trying to sell it while the tenants are there unless you have extremely cooperative and very clean and very nice friendly tenants a couple of other things that are common sometimes agent people don't do professional photos the home doesn't show very well online not having it clean and picked up and decluttered can be catastrophic another one that we see sometimes is people don't have the air conditioning on and so you get into a home and it's 100 degrees and people can't feel emotionally connected to the house so those are some of the big mistakes that we see let us know if you want any other tips.

 Let us know when you need more tips on selling your home!

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When Selling a home what are the worst mistakes sellers make?
What are the worst mistakes sellers make when selling their home. Here are just a couple of things that could make it hard to sell your home. We have strategies for each of them so please let us know how we can help. 1. Not turning on the AC 2. Not Cleaning up 3. Not having professional Marketing 4. Having a Tenant in the home
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