What does a Real Estate Agent do all day?

What does a Real Estate Agent do all day?


What does a real estate agent do daily really?  A lot of people are asking that question. So, I'm here today to give you a couple of checklists. In fact, I have a really amazing tool that you'll be able to download that has a daily action checklist, a weekly action checklist, and a monthly action checklist.  So, what I'm going to share with you today are just some of the basic fundamental things that I've seen top producers do to have success in becoming a real estate agent.

So, the first thing is daily. Let's talk about what you're going to be doing daily. There are a couple of things that you absolutely have to do. One, you've got to make sure that you're doing lead follow-up a lot of people refer this refers to this as an hour of power essentially it's doing lead follow-up and possibly some prospecting overall it's just called making your calls so every day you're going to be making some form of calls engaging that means that you're having conversations, so daily conversations is one of the key things that agents need to be doing every single day.

Now, I also say you got to be going on appointments right? if you kind of just going backward from getting paid to all of the things that you did to get paid having a conversation actually starts with making phone calls having conversations going on appointments right the more appointments we go on the more homes we show the more listing appointments the more contracts we're going to write that go under contract and we get paid so it all starts with having the conversations making the dials setting the appointments after that there are a couple of other things you should do.

I believe that understanding what's going on in the market is what will separate you from other agents and help you have confidence so look at your hot sheets, understand the market intelligence is there more active inventory or less active inventory.  When you look at the inventory is there anything that you can match up with another client right being proactive and sending them properties during your lead follow-up time you also need to know your numbers and you need to track them one of the things that I see agents not doing is tracking their numbers so at the end of the week they say oh my gosh I worked all week long but they don't actually know what they did they don't have an outcome because they didn't track anything I also say it's really important that everybody has a morning routine something that they're doing at least during the weekdays to help keep their mindset right.

And, the last thing I would say is that you should be daily reviewing your schedule for the next day to make sure that you've got everything prioritized so that's kind of your daily checklist now let's talk about weekly I believe that every agent should look at their calendar a week in advance and start looking at their appointment slots, what appointments do they already have booked that are either personal or professional so they can see the landscape at a glance of what they're going to be doing that week I also believe that you should not be doing social media ad hoc start scheduling your social media a month to a week in advance everything but reels can be scheduled stories can be scheduled posts can be scheduled long-form video can be scheduled youtube can be scheduled LinkedIn can be scheduled google my business can be scheduled everything can be scheduled.

So, if you don't want to be eating up a lot of your daily time start scheduling it in advance which means you're going to have to look at your calendar and say okay when am I prospecting when am I lead following up what are my appointment slots and now I prioritize my other projects like scheduling social media or for instance today I'm here shooting all of the content for February and march right? I put that into my schedule in advance so the last thing that I would say that needs to go into your weekly schedule is reviewing your most important goals for the week and that those projects are getting put into your calendar.

I like to refer to it as taking my to-do list and putting it into my calendar so that I'm actually making progress on the things that I want to get done because the week will get away from you and before you know it it's Sunday night and you look at your to-do list and it just didn't get done so monthly this is a little bit different monthly we're actually going to pull out of our business right have you ever heard that saying like you got to work on your business instead of working in your business the daily weekly checklist is a lot of working in your business when we look at our monthly checklist we take a step back and we say okay one let's review our profit and loss statement.

I can't tell you how many agents don't manage their money you know they I hear these stories of making 300 400 thousand dollars in a year and they have no idea where it went because they're not reviewing their expenses every single month so monthly review your expenses look at your profit and loss statement and then let's make sure that we're budgeting the second thing is I would look at the marketing for the next month what are you doing for your different lead pillars have a 30-day action plan of marketing if you can schedule that social media schedule that video so it doesn't bite into the income-producing activities you also want to take time to review your business plan 30 days have gone by what progress have I made for my quarter goals and towards my annual goals do I need to make adjustments this is where I also like to review the projects for operations and my numbers did we generate enough leads are we on the right trajectory.

So often people don't review their business plan after they create it for the year it's one of the biggest pitfalls at the end of the day what should an agent be doing daily they should be focusing on income-generating activities make sure you click on the link in the comments section I have a daily weekly monthly action checklist that you can use to help prioritize your time thanks so much for watching. 

Want to see more videos like this? Looking for more training? We've got what you need! Check out our resources page to find all the training videos (like how to manage your database, dial for more deals, and manage your life better). 

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