Ideas for 5 Areas of Content Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Creating

Ideas for 5 Areas of Content Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Creating!

We all know video is important but do you ever feel like how am I going to come up with ideas on what to shoot? Well, my good friend Jason Pantana who is also a fellow Tom Ferry coach really boils it down into five content buckets. So, today I want to talk to you about five content buckets that you should be focusing on to help you get into content creation.

The first bucket of content creation is all around the real you or you could say the real me. People want to do business with people who they know, like, and trust so as you're creating your content and brainstorming ideas think about how will this help people get to know me? What kind of hobbies are you into? what kind of food do you like? What's your life like outside of real estate? Trust me when I say that you want your tribe to work with you so the more you show up as the authentic you in your video and your content the more you're going to attract people who are like you and that's always fun, right? Everybody wants to work with somebody that's a little bit like most of the time.

The second bucket is all around being the knowledge broker. Now you gotta remember inside this bucket there are two types of content: there's being a knowledge broker for sellers and there's being a knowledge broker for buyers. What does a knowledge broker do?  The knowledge broker is the person that understands the market you've often heard me preach about you have to be studying the market if you are not spending time every single day analyzing the numbers and knowing what's really going on in the market then unfortunately you're falling behind so this content is all about market updates right but more than just stats I mean yes, they care about the stats but they don't want to be bored to death by days on market and list to sales price ratio you have to break it down and help them understand if you're a buyer in today's market this is what it means for you and the same thing for a seller so be the knowledge broker.

The third bucket is all about being a hyper-local agent. You guys know I work all over the east valley but where do I love to work I love to work close to home wouldn't it be nice if you could just attract clients really close to home and cut out the commute so hyperlocal is probably one of my favorite ones because this isn't a one size fit all if you are really into the food you could go hyper-local on food I live in Arizona I can go hyperlocal on the best places to go hiking in the winter right I could go hyperlocal on the best place to get a massage or to get a facial what hyperlocal means to you might be different for me but what it means for your client is that you work live and play in this area, show that to them.

The fourth bucket is behind the scenes. You know there's a reason that there's an HDTV channel people want to see you doing what it is that you do right you and I know it's not like HDTV however show them behind the scenes show what it takes to get a listing ready to go onto the market, you know that pre-staging that post staging show what it's like to show homes in Arizona when it's 120 degrees outside and you've got to use oven mitts to open the lockbox Trust me they want a peek into the day in the life of a real estate agent so don't be afraid to let them in and show them behind the scenes.

The fifth bucket is all-around social proof. There's no doubt about it you're good at what you do but you might not be good at tooting your own horn so there are some tips and tricks to do that we're talking just sold just listed a map of my recent sales and of course great testimonials from people who know you like you and trust you so do yourself a favor and document or capture those moments when your clients are really happy with what you're doing and show everyone else that you know what you're doing now that we've explored the five bucket areas of content get out a piece of paper get out your whiteboard and just start brainstorming ideas you'll start to find themes just kind of come out on their own and use these five buckets to help you generate ideas.

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