Are you thinking about reading Who Not How by Dan Sullivan?

Are you thinking about reading Who Not How by Dan Sullivan?

Today we're going to be reviewing one of the coolest books that I've read recently, it's a book called Who Not How by Dan Sullivan now this book really you know that I'm all about like application and putting things into use it's actually a really short book if you listen to it on audio but it really is simple I can't overcomplicate it so what you're going to do is you're actually just going to continue to ask yourself the question who not how that's how simple this book is.

So let me break it down for you, this book is about looking at your problem through the lens Of people helping you solve your problems right have you ever come across something and you're like how am I going to do this right, how am I going to do that, should ring like from now on when you ask yourself how am I going to do that what the author is saying is you are not equipped to do it and that there are tons of people out there that actually want to be the who for your how right here's a great example that I want to share with you and I wish that I would have come across this sooner.

So my husband and I bought our house in 2010 it was a short sale so it was pretty beat up and over the years we've done a lot of renovating in the house the house is you know over 20 years old now and one of the areas that we've really kind of you know just been waiting to renovate is the kitchen, that's because we have 10 children in our house and children are very hard on kitchens. So, naturally, something that's happened is the fact this is so embarrassing the actual faceplates of a lot of our drawers have been broken off please tell me that someone else in the world has had a child break off a faceplate of their drawer otherwise this is going to get really embarrassing.

Anyways, most recently I know I had probably four different drawers actually yes four different drawers I'm thinking of the drawers in the kitchen four drawers where the face had come off so the drawer would come in and out there was just no cover and I was so frustrated because I'm not a carpenter my husband is not my husband is a real estate agent he does not fix things he doesn't want to fix things and so I just kept taking the covers and putting to the side because I knew that I needed to get fixed.

Now here's my other problem how was I going to find somebody that could fix this? How was I going to get it fixed? How was I going to even find somebody that could fix it? How how how how when I read this book I thought this is a really good example I don't have the skills or the time right so I just kind of put it out there I was telling someone they said hey, I know someone that does that and I was like what that person became my how she introduced me to someone else that fixed cabinets and guess what in less than a week all of my cabinets are fixed all I had to do instead of asking the question how I just had to ask who and I already knew of who so, by sharing what I needed the who was right in front of me and she connected me to her who and my how got done we're talking months you guys months I went without the face of my cabinets and I was embarrassed when people would come over and I just didn't have the time or the capacity to figure out how to do it that's what this book is about in fact one of the things he talks about is procrastination you could say that i procrastinated getting my cabinets fixed because i just didn't have the the knowledge of how to do it and i'm gonna  read a quote he says: procrastination is the byproduct of having a goal and asking how instead of asking who.

Naturally, when we procrastinate something we might not be the best person to accomplish what it is that we're trying to do now the other two themes that really come across in this book is time and money he says when you stop asking how and you start asking who we can accomplish more and then we get our time leveraged and the more time and freedom or the more freedom of time we have the more money we make.

So, we have to stop asking how can I get this done you've got to stop the how habit and start asking who and when you do that you'll make more money in fact my favorite quote from this book says are you going to find the whos to support you are you going to add their resources to yours and expand your efficacy right like are you going to do. That's the takeaway from this book it's super simple I can't overcomplicate it but all I have to say is that since reading this book whenever I feel myself going how I stop and think okay I need to just be thinking who there are a lot of people out there that would love to solve my problems and when I give that up to them I give I get my time back and I'm more likely to accomplish the end result.

So, I absolutely love this book I recommend that you listen to it,it's a phenomenon the day my challenge moving forward is guys just start asking themselves who can help me solve this problem.

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