5 Crucial Questions Every Seller has - Agent Insights

5 Crucial Questions Every Seller has - Agent Insights

There are five questions you need to answer in your listing appointment.

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is what should I put in my listing presentation? Now, it is important and I'm just going to break this down into five questions that you should be answering in your listing appointment, and here's the thing most of the time the consumer doesn't even know that they have these questions but I promise you that if you can answer these questions in your listing appointment you will get the listing so the first question that every consumer has is, how is this going to save me time now? They may not come out and say hey how are you going to save me time but everybody wants to know because time is precious so how are you going to save them time give lots of examples of how you're going to make this process really easy for them and not time-consuming the second question that every consumer has especially when it comes to listing their home is, how's this going to save me money, right?

People want to know that let's get down to brass tax how much does this costs so you need to make sure that as you are going over your marketing points and your plan that you demonstrate to them how utilizing your services in the long term is actually going to help them save money because they really do want the answer to that question.

The third question that's rattling around the head of every consumer is, how can you save me from the mental headache? In these terms we're talking about selling our home you guys know moving sucks right selling your home sucks nobody likes it, especially in Phoenix in the summer when it's so hot. Can you make this easy for them, easy for them to move, and easy for them to work with you.

The fourth question that they have or that they're wondering is, do you really have what it takes to sell my home? Do you have what it takes to make sure that I get to the closing table? We also call this social proof they want to make sure that you can handle a transaction just like theirs so make sure that you demonstrate in your listing presentation how you've handled transactions like this before worked in this price pit before showing them some of your 200 plus five-star reviews help them gain confidence that you're the agent to work with and you're gonna get the job done.

The fifth and final question or maybe not final but definitely the fifth question that every consumer has is how can you make this fun for me right like again remove the stress remove the anxiety take out the suck save me time save me money get the job done and make it fun right it's not always easy but if you can address how working with you can actually be an enjoyable experience you're going to lock up that listing and leave the house with the listing agreement signed let's review save me time save me money remove the headache can you really handle my transaction and of course, make it fun go back into your listing presentation and pinpoint where you answer all five of those questions and if you don't you know you've got a gap.

 Let me know how it goes iId love to hear how you're answering those five questions.


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